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SHOWCASE your goalkeeping talent

Do you think you are a diamond in the rough and believe you have what it takes to make the grade as a goalkeeper but not getting your chance? Or are you a parent of a goalkeeper who is frustrated because other children with less ability seem to be getting all the breaks?

If yes, Goalkeeper Trials can help you!

There are many reasons why goalkeepers with talent get overlooked by professional clubs and over the past decade we have helped more goalkeepers than any other similar organisation in history achieve their dream of getting to a professional club.

As we have a proven track record of helping goalkeepers achieve their dream, we are probably most goalkeeper’s last chance of getting to a professional or semi-professional club, or even helping a keeper find a scholarship in the USA.

So what is he goalkeeper Trials all about?

If you are aged between 13 and 25 this is your opportunity to come to one of our trial days to showcase your talents, and if you impress we will help you to the best of our abilities find a club or get a scholarship in USA for you.

So what is involved in the Goalkeeper Trial Day?

On this day you will receive two hours of professional goalkeeper coaching covering many aspects and techniques of goalkeeping to see what you are made of. It will be intense but also we want to make this a enjoyable experience.

Even though we understand you are attending to impress we want to stress there will be no pressure on any goalkeeper as we want this to be an enjoyable day for any keeper that attends.

Please remember all the goalkeeper coaches taking the training assessments have been in the same shoes as every goalkeeper who will be in attendance, so we will fully understand and feel what each goalkeeper will be going through, as we have been there and got the t shirt to prove our success. So there will be a lot of empathy with our staff towards the goalkeeper attendees.

So please remember, we are here to help!

So if you are interested in showcasing your talent you might not get a better opportunity.

LIMITED PLACES: As this is not just another dressed up goalkeeper course that you see sprouting up everywhere now but a very serious training event to find hidden talent, there are just 20 places available so we can keep our training to the highest level possible and more importantly, assess every keeper fairly.

20th October 2013

Alder Sports Ground, Liverpool

SOLD OUT!!!!!!!

Registration: 10am - (Training starts 10.30 til 12.30pm)


27th October 2013

Birmingham, Outskirts of Birmingham


Registration: 10am - (Training starts 10.30 til 12.30pm)




Barry Richardson

Barry Richardson is one of the most respected goalkeeper coaches in Uk. With a long disguised career as professional goalkeeper, he has also coached for several professional clubs, including pro clubs in the championship.


Ray Newland

Ray Newland is another ex-professional goalkeeper whose coaching concepts get taught all over the world. He has also helped directly and indirectly over 300 goalkeepers to professional clubs over the past 13 years.

BONUS – As well as this being an enjoyable course that can potentially put you on the road to achieving your dream, you will also receive…

* Over 10 hours of our Goalkeeper Training Downloads – (Worth £50)
* Our ebook – ‘How to become a professional goalkeeper’ –  (worth £7.99)
* You will be entered into our Glove sponsorship scheme potentially saving you over £100 each season.

All of the above potentially covers the cost of the trial day!

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